Coordinates: Latitude - 42°10'45"N Longitude - 23°35'07"E Altitude - 2925 m

Moussala is the highest peak of Rila Mountain and the Balkan Peninsula. The BEO Moussala observatory is located in the Rila National Park in the Central Rila Reserve in South-West Bulgaria, approximately 55 km South-East from Sofia. BEO is accessible from Borovets winter resort, then 40 min by cable car and about 3h or more walking, depending on the season. The only transport to the peak is a cargo lift. Because of the high elevation of the mountain observatory, the site can be considered to be in the free troposphere and far away from the regional contamination for most of the time.

Basic Environmental Observatory was constructed 1959, destroyed 1983 and reconstructed - 2000.

Our mission is monitoring and management of high mountain ecosystems. The main fields of research are:

Our national and regional objectives in accordance with European policies are:

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